1. Bobbi

    Love your blog and I’m looking forward to a good long relationship. Today I made one sweetened vanilla and one plain almond milk and almond butter using raw organic almonds ~ albeit California’s version of organic 🙁 But I also have my feelers out for raw organic almonds that have not been heated or fumigated.
    Thank you,

    • admin

      Oh wow, that’s amazing, so pleased you were inspired. Please let us know how you get on with sourcing real raw almonds in California and if you find out anymore we’d love to hear.
      Thanks B and M

  2. Adriana Arroyo

    Hi hi! So after you soak the almonds is it OK to let them dry again?
    Also, I eat lots of almonds too and buy non-roasted organic ones but often get quite a few in the pack that taste really bad, like almond essence. Do you also get this?
    Big hugs and keep them coming!

    • admin

      Hi Adriana,
      Yeah definitely you can dry them out again, if it’s hot enough you can leave them lying in a really sunny place to dry out. Or you can dehydrate them in the oven on a very low setting with the door slightly ajar. They have a lovely texture once you’ve done that. You can buy them in some shops like this for extortionate prices, they’re called ‘activated’ almonds.
      As for the bad tasting ones you are getting, almonds trees are a genetic mutation of a poisonous tree related to apricots. Over thousands of years they have been bred to become sweet, the sweet ones are the ones we use to eat just like that and snack on. Apparently due to a recessive gene a percentage of the trees revert back to the ‘bitter’ almonds. The raw ‘bitter’ almonds contain cyanide and eaten in quantity can kill you. But as you’ve experienced they taste horrid eaten whole and raw so you’d really have to force yourself to eat that much. Once heated they lose the cyanide and the bitter almonds are used as a flavouring because the taste is so much stronger, like almonds essence. European farmers like to keep a couple bitter almond trees in their orchard as apparently they help pollinate the others and also they are used in cooking; as you’d expect they are illegal in the US. Not sure what you can do about it other than find a different brand that might not have so many bitter ones in their almond grove. XX

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