We are Badj and Mu, partners and parents of two young boys. We are deeply passionate about the connections between food, health, nutrition, lifestyle and the environment.  We have both worked for many years in the catering industry, primarily in organic vegetarian restaurants. We love learning and exploring all aspects of producing high quality food and we consider deeply our food and shopping choices.

In 2018 we moved to Le Lot region of France where we are now bringing our expertise in creating high quality healthy, vegan food to the local markets. We work closely with local producers and food markets to support the environment and the local economy while providing the best quality food with the maximum nutritional benefits. We are very happy with the client response we have had so far and we hope this will bring more people to buy local and seasonal produce made with care.

The information we share on this website is for everyone that is interested in knowing where their food comes from, the environmental impact of their shopping choices and what makes a healthy vegan diet, along with some of our favourite recipes.


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  1. tellement “inspiring!!”
    j’adore vos produits et suis ravie de partager notre expertise de producteurs avec votre passion pour la cuisine.
    le début d’une belle aventure …

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