1. serge

    sounds great guys, well done for making it happen, very inspiring. we can’t wait to come and visit, provably next spring.
    good luck with the rest of unpacking and finding your groove there.

  2. Moshe yuchetel

    Looks amazing guys! More than a tad jealous. Plans are in the making for making a visit asap. Until then….. Bon chance. (I’m in France with work for two weeks from next Monday but will be in Normandy so a bit of a distance…) love from the Yuchetel Gormley’s.

    P.s Etta turned one a couple of weeks a go and she’s now walking/running all over the shop.


  3. Caroline John

    Hi Badj and Mu, such a coincidence! I had a long chat with Debs yesterday for the first time in ages and today your update arrived in my inbox. I’m so happy for you that you’ve landed somewhere so wonderful, I’d love to come and see you even though the drive is long. It’d be a good adventure! I’ve moved too since I last saw you, to a very cosy flat in Dieulefit. Am still blowing my clarinet in an orchestra and a couple of quartets – loving it. Here’s lots of love, and who knows, maybe see you soon, Caroline xxx

    • admin

      Ah that’s lovely. Yeah anytime you fancy a trip over this way, it’s a genuinely beautiful part of France, (kind of like Dorset and Devon but warmer). Otherwise we will definitely be down La Drôme way again too. X

  4. Rachael Murray

    Wow, what a massive shift you’ve made! It sounds incredible, especially how close to nature you’ve been these past weeks, with all the foraging and farming you’ve been doing. Can’t wait for the next instalment. 🙂

  5. Isolde

    Wow. This sounds so amazing!!! So happy for you and your family Badj! Just been looking at some of your recipes online. Going to give a couple a try for friends this week. Will let you know how they go Xxx

  6. Mum

    So exciting…we really enjoyed our too short visit…now that there is an oak bark tannery and weavery so close we have treble reason to return…lots of love and luck. Mumxx

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