Each year when the chillies ripen in the UK we make a small batch of hot sauces. We source our chillies from the South Devon Chilli Farm, a small scale producer close to where Badj grew up. The chillies are grown in polytunnels and although the farm is not certified organic they only use natural pesticides. We visited the farm and spoke with the owners and they are really passionate about growing top quality chillies that are rich in flavour.  We only make one batch a year so make sure you get enough as this stuff is addictive.  If you haven’t yet please take a moment to check out our post about chillies here


pocketful-for-webThe legendary hot sauce, made with the freshest tastiest habanero chillies grown in South Devon. Based on a Trinidadian style hot pepper sauce, we use only the tastiest organic ingredients to ensure maximum flavour as well as heat. Like a mini festival in your mouth.




Jungle Fever

jungle-fever-for-webA new recipe we have been developing using fresh Peruvian Aji chillies and mangoes. This is a light and fruity sauce that would be perfect for rice dishes and fish (if you eat that kind of thing). Although not as hot as Pocketfulofrocketfuel it still packs a punch.