We are Badj and Mu, a couple, partners and parents of two young boys. We are deeply passionate about the relationship of food to health, nutrition, lifestyle and the environment.  We both grew up in families with a strong food culture where food and mealtimes were very important and we continue this today within our own family. We both worked for many years in the catering industry primarily in organic vegetarian restaurants. We consider deeply our food and shopping choices.

We decided to start this blog because we want to research and educate ourselves as thoroughly as possible about the food we as a family eat. We want to know about sourcing, ethics, nutrition, recipes and then share our knowledge and passion with you.

The information we share is for everyone that is interested in knowing where their food comes from, the environmental impact, the healthy diet, and recipe ideas.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the topics we cover, please leave comments and links to relevant articles so we can all expand our knowledge.

We really hope you enjoy this blog. If you find it useful please share along the Foodwire.

Thank You